Message from Graham Mann, Executive Director of the Information Security Vendors Association
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Welcome to the ISVA

Welcome to the Information Security Vendor Association website, thank you for visiting us.

In establishing the Information Security Vendors Association (ISVA) we wanted to create a global association that not simply represented the major vendors but was fully inclusive. This is of critical importance, as the vast majority of vendors are sub-200 employees or 85 percent of the 3000 vendors in our database. More importantly, many of these vendors struggle to gain traction outside of their immediate vicinity. The goal of the Association is develop the global market for cyber security and create an ecosystem that will support the members activity but more importantly, provide a continuous flow of opportunities. Given the increasing level of risk our customers are facing, we owe it to them to provide access to as many cyber security solutions as we can, wherever they are in the world. To follow through on this pledge, we need you help, join us today.
If you are a vendor and not already a member; then I hope that you will take the time to peruse the site and then decide to join us. If you are a channel partner, you're very welcome too and I hope that you will consider our "Affiliate" membership. You're a vital part of our ecosystem. Finally, if you are a potential customer, we're delighted to have you visit. We are developing a virtual exhibition and I would ask you to call back in November, when we should have the first vendor booths in place.

These are exciting times for the entire cyber security industry but conversely, dark days for the world given the constant threat of cyber attacks. The ISVA see this as our challenge. and with the help of our members we believe that we can have a major impact on these threat actors. Whilst we can't eradicate the problem, together we can have a major impact on peoples lives.

Thank you.

Graham Mann
Executive Director