The ISVA is dedicated to providing its members with a range of services all designed to provide opportunities, increase the overall global market size, create greater awareness, and to fight the latter-day scourge of cyber-based attacks. To make this a reality, we have created key building blocks: an ecosystem; a corporate structure; communications strategy; a roadmap of deliverables and our Charter.

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ISVA Ecosystem
The ecosystem is based on the eZ-Xpo virtual exhibition platform and provides the membership with an opportunity generation system.
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ISVA Structure
The ISVA structure is designed to provide a strong management team to drive the Association forward.
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Communications Strategy
Our communications strategy is based on the premise of developing the cyber security market globally for all our members.
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Our road map is ambitious but with the help of the vendor community, achievable. The deliverables are all designed to support and compliment our members own development goals.
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ISVA Charter
The ISVA Charter defines who we are and how we operate. It characterises our corporate culture and provides context to our activities.