Member Fees
The aim of the Association is to be as inclusive as possible and so the fees have been kept intentionally low. The Association strives to provide a return on investment that is at least twice that of the annual fees and ideally greater.

ISVA is a trade association for Information and Cyber Security vendors. Full Membership of ISVA is open to all companies engaged in the research, design, production, marketing, distribution and/or support of products and/or services related to Cyber and Information Security where the company owns the Intellectual Property (IP), including MSSPs.

Channel companies defined as integrators, distributors (including VADS), resellers (including VARS) and consultants or those with a common interest in promoting Information Security may join the Association as Affiliated Members. Membership fees for Affiliated Members are discounted by 20% off full member rates.
Companies of any size and from any country can join the Association providing they meet the criteria stated above.

Full (Voting) Membership
Full Membership is reserved for Information and Cyber Security vendor companies who own the IP for the products and/or services they market. Full Membership entitles the member company to all marketing and promotional benefits of membership, as well as the opportunity to stand for elected leadership positions for maximum company influence and visibility. Full members also vote in ISVA elections and at all ISVA General Member Meetings.

Full Membership categories are based on the number of employees engaged in work related to Information Security products and/or services. The number of employees is for the registered entity and their worldwide group.
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Subscription notes:
  • Affiliated Members will not be granted voting rights and cannot stand for election as Directors. They will have access to their own area of the website and enjoy marketing and promotional benefits in addition to a range of other services.
  • In addition to the annual membership fee, there will be additional charges levied for optional services, as defined in the Members Benefits. Such services will be clearly identified and the additional costs specified.
  • Prospective members may elect to pay the fee for the next level up if they wish to have more representatives. Enterprise members may purchase up to an additional 8 representatives at $300 each.