ISVA Physical Exhibition Presence

ISVA will host a pavilion at the major Infosecurity events around the world, offering its members a position on an eye-catching stand in a prominent position.

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ISVA is run by Information Security Vendors for Information Security Vendors. We understand the market and can therefore offer benefits to our members that we know not only are essential to your business but also help with its market development, globally.

We know that attending Trade Shows can be time-consuming and show little ROI. Therefore, as an ISVA member you will have access to an exhibition package that provides a complete solution, all you have to do on the day is turn up with your laptop.
ISVA exhibition package includes:

A position in the ISVA Pavilion
All interaction with the exhibition company
Dealing with registration documents
Benefits of additional services, PR, Marketing, etc.
Providing regular updates
Organizing stand graphics
Booking local accommodation
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