Full membership is open to vendors that are a manufacturer of an information security product or service in which they own the intellectual property.

There is no individual membership only corporate. Depending on the size of the organisation and the fees paid up to eight (8) representatives are allowed to be registered per member organisation. Representatives may stand for Office, subject to member’s votes and according to the Association’s Charter. 
Membership is for twelve months from the date of joining and is non-refundable.

Unless otherwise instructed, the Association will send out reminders for annual fees within three (3) months of the membership subscription lapsing. Members are encouraged to set up direct debits on PayPal for their annual membership subscription as this reduces the Associations administration.
The level of fees will be reviewed annually by the Finance Committee.

Non-payment of fees increases the Associations overheads and impacts our cash flow. In cases where fees remain overdue for more than 10 days from the due date all benefits will be frozen until the outstanding amount is paid. If all outstanding fees are overdue in excess of 30 days then the member will be suspended.