Welcome to the Information Security Vendors Association (ISVA), dedicated to pushing the bounds of information security worldwide through the dedication of our membership.
  • Promote the Association, champion the cause of information security and act as a voice for the vendor community worldwide at all levels throughout; government, industry, commerce and the wider consumer community.

  • Become indispensable in the provision of services that are both germane to member needs and delivered effectually.

  • Implement creative generic marketing programmes to generate solid opportunities for the members.
  • Encourage the members to develop and adopt global certification, standards and interoperability that will increase the saleability of their products and services through increased customer confidence.

  • Provide a mechanism to identify issues that affect the sector and develop solutions through the provision of generic research, third-party experts and internal advisory capabilities.
  • Build an eco-system that delivers a complete business development infrastructure focused on the member’s needs, which enables them to expand their businesses with greater efficiency, at a lower cost and decreased risk.

  • Facilitate an environment where inter-member relationships can flourish, empowering them to explore joint opportunities, potential new products and extending market reach.

  • Create a globally recognised Kite Mark.
  • Cultivate vigorous relationships with special interest groups, other industry associations, government bodies, etc. to build awareness and develop business opportunities on behalf of the members.

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